Welcome to the Disciples of Jesus and Mary

Father PintoWe are a lay formation program founded by Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT. Through this program we become missionary disciples of Jesus and Mary, equipped to share the Gospel with others.

Once we complete our initial formation in prayer, discernment and discipleship, we offer ourselves to our local pastors to serve the Church where we are needed the most.

We live in a world, which is becoming more like a global village; yet there are many who feel lonely and alienated. There is a growing hunger in the hearts of many who desire to be holy but do not know how to. The formation program for Disciples of Jesus and Mary is open to all. "The road to holiness is hard and very few find it." These are the words of Jesus. We are convinced that you are among the few who desire to be holy.

Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT

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The Disciples of Jesus and Mary are called to live in holiness and truth. Our formation program provides a way to discover your plan of life found in the Heart of the Father.

In our relationship with the Lord, we come to know Him intimately. We learn how to listen to Him, to the way He speaks to each of us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DJM means Disciples of Jesus and Mary.

The purpose of DJM is to offer all people an on-going training program. This program enables all to grow spiritually and to work effectively in the world. It draws material from the Gospels, the teachings of the Church, and spiritual authors.

The DJM program consists of two phases. The first is "beginning formation", and the second is "on-going formation".

DJM's beginning formation consists of three parts: prayer, discernment and discipleship. In "prayer", you discover your plan of life and how to live it. "Discernment" guides you with the tools to recognize God's will and shows you how to fulfill it. "Discipleship" guides you on a lifelong journey. This journey consists of following Jesus, together with Mary, and leads to union with the Blessed Trinity.

DJM's on-going formation consists of disciples sent on specific missions. They serve the needs of their local parishes, under the directives of their local pastors. They study the teachings of the Church and follow specific directives to continue their lives as disciples.

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