Friendship in God Double CD

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Friendship in God Part One and Two

The Friendship in God CD, is one of fifteen conferences given by Fr. Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T at the nine day Prayer in Your Life retreat in Honey Grove, TX October 2002. Fr. Pinto teaches about prayer and the signs of having a true friendship with God.  This friendship brings about a freedom to talk to God at any time about anything with no demands or trying to please. Prayer is talking to your best friend. Father describes the effects of this prayer, some being:  the gift to bless, creativity, fruitfulness, joy and happiness, generosity and providence, and being a child of mercy. (2 CDs)

Father’s words, “When you say ‘I really don’t have a lot to pray about. I don’t know what happens, I am running short of material to pray’, then the friendship is not there. For me there is a desire that dwells within my soul. You know, to be able to sit with him and talk with him and tell him about this and that. And same thing with Him. You know, He is so excited to share things that He does…”


Friendship in God Double CD

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