On the Imagination Triple CD

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On the Imagination Part 1-3 

The On the Imagination CD is one of fifteen conferences given by Fr. Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T at the nine day Prayer in Your Life retreat in Honey Grove, TX October 2002. There are three parts to this conference.

Fr. Pinto speaks about the different areas of the imagination: images, dreams, visions, contemplation, and ecstasy. He explains how the imagination is very important for us to enter into union and to sustain this union. 

Father’s prayer at the beginning of this conference: “God our loving Father, we trust in your goodness. We ask You as we open our hearts to this teaching, that You will enlighten our hearts and our minds and especially our imagination; that our imagination may be directed to the things of heaven to the things that You ask us. For You have created our imagination and You gave us the imagination as a gift so that with the wings of our imagination we may rise to the greater things that You wish to us and once we have arrived at our destination that we may continue to live in that union with our imagination as our imagination serves to glorify You in all things. And we make this prayer through Christ our Lord.”


On the Imagination Triple CD

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