Nine Day Retreat 20 CD's

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The Nine Day Retreat at Honey Grove is a series of conferences given by Father Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T.  and are recommended for disciples who have completed Prayer in Your Life, Discernment and Discipleship for their ongoing formation. Fr. Pinto stated that these teachings are really Prayer in Your Life at the unitive level.

The teachings include the following:

Union in the Prayer of the Senses                               
Conversion & Dignity                                                          
Prayer Diet                                                   
Plan of Life                                                    
Meditation & the Mind                                                         
Your Gifts & Responsibilities 
The Way, the Truth, & the Life
Is God really your Father?                                                  
Friendship in God                            
The Our Father                                                        
Training Your Thoughts                                                     
On the Imagination                                                  
The Pulse of the Heart                                                        
The Song of the Soul                                               
Truth & Consequences

Nine Day Retreat 20 CD's

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