From Initial Formation to Ongoing Formation:
A Life of Discipleship

We begin with a comprehensive formation program that offers a path to discovering your Plan of Life. It is the plan found in the Heart of the Father, and finding it means learning to live as the person He created you to be. In our relationship with the Lord we come to know Him intimately and learn to hear the way He speaks to each of us.

By reflecting on our past experiences, we see God's hand forming us and realize that He is always with us. In this intimate companionship we learn to recogize the lessons He gives us through our every day circumstances. The Plan of Life process helps us to recognize the way the Lord has been forming us throughout our entire lives. We each have different gifts and special graces, and these are intended to help us to fulfill the Plan of Life given to us by the Lord. He knows exactily what we need.

After our initial formation, we continue our formation as we live out our discipleship in our respective parishes.

The Beginning Formation Program consists of three parts:
Prayer, Discernment and Discipleship

Prayer in Your Life (approximately 6 months)

Discover your plan of life and how to live it.


Discernment in Your Life (approximately 6 months)

Discernment guides you with the tools to recognize God's will and shows you how to fulfill it.


Discipleship Your Way of Life (approximately 1 year)

Discipleship guides you on a lifelong journey. This journey consists of following Jesus, together with Mary, and leads to union with the Blessed Trinity.

Prayer in Your Life


ChartAs we learn to pray more deeply, we reflect on our foundational Principles, and begin to allow our actions to reflect them in each moment. The Five Principals given to us by our founder are:

  1.  Nothing happens accidentally, everything is gifted providentially.

  2.  Since everything is in the plan of God for you, everything has a purpose.

  3.  God created man and woman in His own image and likeness.

  4.  To the one who is given much, much will be expected.

  5.  God created us as unique individuals.

As we daily strive to live these out, we begin to recognize how God works. We see that nothing happens accidentally; God has willed it or allowed it for a purpose. By coming to realize how the Lord teaches us through our experiences, we learn how to accept the path He gives us.

Next, we enter into the mystery of prayer - according to who we are called to be. We enter into a life of living our plan of life. We develop our spirituality - the living of our plan of life - in all things.

In prayer we seek to listen to the Lord. There are methods of prayer that can help you. These methods are aids. For example, the Empty Chair method is a way for you to sit with the Lord and talk to Him. He is your friend. He is there waiting for you. Talk to Him and then listen to what He has to say. Powerful.

The Jesus Prayer – saying the Name of Jesus over and over again. You can practice this and eventually let it become the prayer that is expressed with every beat of your heart.

Going deeper into prayer, you discover how to examine your conscience, how to confess those sins that are often overlooked. You learn to deal with the gray areas. You learn to expose those areas that seem to influence you. The light of grace begins to reveal hidden manifestations of the evil within. You live in the light of grace who you are called to be.

There are the Nine Phases of Prayer. These are the phases of acceptance, surrender, adoration, thanksgiving, forgiveness, and so on.  They are phases found in the Lord's Prayer. Tremendous healing comes during this period of formation.

Once you've discovered your plan of life and begin to develop your spirituality, how to examine your conscience and confess your sins in the light of truth, you begin to enter deep into prayer – contemplation, meditation and adoration.

Discernment in Your Life

The next phase focuses on Discernment and teaches us how to find the will of God according to our unique vocation and Plan of Life. We learn to ask questions like, Is this good for me now, or is it just something that is good in itself? Building on the writings of the saints, it shows us how to recognize the different spirits in our midst. We learn to ask ourselves:

Is this spirit of the world, the flesh or the spirit of evil? Is the Good Spirit present? What are the signs of the evil spirit versus the signs of the Good Spirit?

The Framework for Discernment helps us to approach decisions properly. Reflecting on growth in virtue, hearing God's voice and the centrality of obedience to one's spritual director.

Obedience is the key to discernment. It is how Disciples of Jesus and Mary are known: our unquestionable obedience to the Magisterium of the Church and to our pastors. We serve them in humility and encourage them in their priesthood. We respect and honor the sacredness of our Catholic faith. We strive to follow the path of holiness in our homes and families, and in our workplace. We seek to serve rather than be served.

Discipleship Your Way of Life


Discipleship guides you on a lifelong journey. This journey consists of following Jesus, together with Mary, and leads to union with the Blessed Trinity.

We disciple Jesus and Mary.  In Discipleship we follow the path of Jesus and Mary. We live the Gospel and help others to also by our example. We serve the poor, the widows, the orphans, the elderly – all God's children – especially the little ones. We minister to those in need according to the capacity given to us by God to serve. Through prayer and discernment we learn how to disciple Jesus and Mary under obedience to the Church

Finally, we continue to help others discover their plan of life. We train servant leaders so they can share this gift of Prayer in Your Life with others. We live who we are called to be. We learn how to love one another as the Father loves us through His Son as His Spirit leads us in truth under the mantle of Our Lady.

Ongoing Formation

Disciples of Jesus and Mary serve the needs of their local parishes under the direction and obedience of their local pastors.

Going back through the formation again, we enter more deeply into the teachings and discovering one’s plan of life.

We study the teachings of the Church and follow specific directives to continue our lives as disciples. We share the gift of this formation by guiding others who are interested in the formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

DJM means Disciples of Jesus and Mary.

The purpose of DJM is to offer all people an on-going training program. This program enables all to grow spiritually and to work effectively in the world. It draws material from the Gospels, the teachings of the Church, and spiritual authors.

The DJM program consists of two phases. The first is "beginning formation", and the second is "on-going formation".

DJM's beginning formation consists of three parts: prayer, discernment and discipleship. In "prayer", you discover your plan of life and how to live it. "Discernment" guides you with the tools to recognize God's will and shows you how to fulfill it. "Discipleship" guides you on a lifelong journey. This journey consists of following Jesus, together with Mary, and leads to union with the Blessed Trinity.

DJM's on-going formation consists of disciples sent on specific missions. They serve the needs of their local parishes, under the directives of their local pastors. They study the teachings of the Church and follow specific directives to continue their lives as disciples.

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