Discipleship Your Way of Life Book

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Discipleship Your Way of Life by Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT  Paperback 78 pages

Discipleship Your Way of Life is the third book of three in the series for the Disciples of Jesus and Mary formation. Fr. Pinto speaks of not only how to imitate the examples found in the lives of saints, and Our Lady but also to identify with them, the pattern and spirituality of discipleship and more. Father gives specific guidelines for a nine day discipleship retreat.

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Discipleship Your Way of Life is not only a book but also a companion for life. You will find yourself entering into a life of commitment. Soon you will discover the truth and the light of the Lord will shine in your heart. Then you will be drawn into this intimate relationship with the Lord, leading you to union with the Blessed Trinity. Here you will find an answer to that hunger, that only you realize-a hunger that no one but our Lord can satisfy.  

Discipleship Your Way of Life Book

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