Plan of Life Single CD

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The Plan of Life CD, is one of fifteen conferences given by Fr. Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T at the nine day Prayer in Your Life retreat in Honey Grove, TX October 2002.

Fr. Pinto teaches about the meaning of a plan of life while, at the same time, describes it as being so much more than words can say. The plan of life process helps us to recognize the way the Lord has been forming us throughout our entire life. It is God’s plan and He is training us to be the best that we can be to give us strength.

In this plan God guides us in two main areas: personal formation and with the work He is going to give you in heaven. 

Father teaches disciples to sit at the feet of the Master.  Listen, learn, and act.

Father’s words, “They both of them, Jesus and Mary they are our teachers. What they are trying to do with us is to build. To build us up! To make us strong.  That is what the Plan of Life is supposed to do. It is supposed to give you strength.”


Plan of Life Single CD

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