The Song of the Soul Single CD

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The Song of the Soul

The Song of the Soul CD is one of fifteen conferences given by Fr. Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T at the nine day Prayer in Your Life retreat in Honey Grove, TX October 2002. Father’s words: “It is the song that the Lord sings. Every mother has a song that she sings to her child. There is a song of creation, there is a song of love. God has a song. And that song He has placed in the soul. And that song takes us through this journey…”

Father goes on to teach that in order to sing the song of the soul, certain abilities must be present in one’s life such as: to live outside of time and space, the ability to ponder, have quiet repose, understand the presence of God, adoration, a hunger for God, and to enter the mystical marriage.


The Song of the Soul Single CD

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